Optimize your business and marketing strategy in China

Business strategies are decided according to your company’s identity, as well as identified market opportunities. This combination will create a competitive edge for the company. Along with a strong understanding of your resources, business strategy in China should then focus on the identification of marketing opportunities in your Chinese market.

You need to use every tool at your disposal, from Michael Porter’s five forces model, the Boston Matrix, to Arthur D. Little & VRIO to better identify the most relevant corporate strategy to adopt according to the current market situation and consumer trends in China. As the Chinese middle-class keep on developing itself and many other changes in the past decade, you will need to be aware of those changes to seize the opportunities for your company.

With over 850 million Chinese now connected online China boasts the largest online community in the world. On-top of this the web has developed in a unique set of conditions, it’s therefore been built for the ultra-consumerist society of modern China & is perfect for online marketing, sales & branding. All marketing campaigns are almost completely online now, simply because this offers the best exposure, reach, influence & Return On Investment.

Your brand will need to resonate with the consumers, and not just your product or the story you sell along with it: your Chinese name itself need to inspire Chinese customers to trust it. A good marketing strategy in China will let you grow beyond anything you may believe and will allow you to develop your company further.


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